I Blame the Dutch (mpoetess) wrote,
I Blame the Dutch

Ahem-- Small Fried Toaster Waffles

What might happen if we tried to write chibi!Scoobies and PWP!kink at the same time:

"Dammit, Spike said *I* could spank him next!" Buffy whined.

Willow stared up at Xander, green eyes looking so much like an anime character's that he could almost see the little star-shaped reflection-bubbles floating around in them. "But..." Willow's tiny brow furrowed slightly. "But you *promised* I could, if I was good, Xan! And I cleaned mine and Tara's room, and I did the dishes and I only slopped water on the floor *once*..."

"Oh, god, just let her spank me, before her eyes get so big her head can't support 'em and she falls over," Spike groaned.

Willow giggled maniacally and turned her gaze on *him*. A rubber spatula floated through the air towards his defenseless behind.

"Xan! Help! Help!" the vampire shouted.

Xander was too busy trying to snap another picture.
Tags: fandom: btvs/angel, fic-posted
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