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Snerk. Make bowing-out noises in Handbasket because the meta seems to have died off, and within two hours, meta-characters are crawling out of the woodwork. Smartasses.

There was an Angel ep tonight. It was okay. That is not a spoiler.

Could someone please tone Spike's accent/dialect the hell down? I give the Siamese Twins / whoever directed points for not actually letting him say "Cor" but people, you're the canon writers. You're not supposed to need no-cor-points.

I don't think I blame JM for this, though he's perfectly capable of scenery-chewing -- that was direction and writing, or lack thereof. I chronically write Spike as more British than he actually is, and I don't put that many bloodys in a sentence. Badfic writers who don't get the no-cor points don't put that many bloodys in a sentence.

Er. Not that I only pay attention to Spike. I did watch the show before he was on it. ;-) wolfling and thebratqueen just said most of what I was thinking about the rest of the episode. Which tends to happen when you live in the Land of No Daylight Savings Time and everyone you hang out with sees the show an hour before you do. And is smarter than you. But just you wait! Come November I'll... um. Be seeing the show at the same time. But they'll still be smarter.
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