I Blame the Dutch mpoetess
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So, out of 31 people (piedmargaret guessed via AIM), three of y'all got it unequivocably right. piedmargaret, _green_, and nakedwesley. saussy gets half points for having two guesses, one of which was right. So she only gets to be half as smug.

Out of the three who guessed right? Only one of them has actually met me.

Out of the twenty-eight who guessed wrong? Four have met me. One has known me for almost ten years.

Muahahahahahahaha, I say.

The largest number of y'all (14, or 13.5) thought I was #4, who was actually Shelley Ivy, the teeeeeeniest member of my first grade class. She barely looked old enough to be in kindergarten, though granted it's hard to compare sizes in individual pictures.

Six of you thought I was #3, Stephanie Milholland. Yes, I'm doing these names from memory. Which is disturbing because since I went to a different school after first grade (redistricting), I never saw a good 1/3 of these kids again. Granted I don't remember all of the girls' last names, or all of the boys period.

Five of you thought I was #9. Kelly. Um. Something that began with M. As distinguished from #1, Kelly Something That Began With S.

Three went for #11. Kristen Babb. We played Barbies. Once. Except I didn't have a Barbie, just that disturbing 70's wannabe, Darcy, who was 12 inches tll and didn't fit into an of Barbie's clothes.

#1 and #10 were gimmies, as y'all know I'm not a natural blonde or for that matter (#2) a natural redhead. #8 also a gimmie, I'd imagine. Interesting that no one thought I was Daniela Sikanofski (# 5) who I ended up going to high school with and who was one of a trio of quite short girls, all 1st-gen Yugoslav-Americans, who became affectionately known as the Keebler Elves, or Lisa Wise (#6).


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Hey, I'm depressed that children born in the eighties are graduating from college. Wah!


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