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I may not have slept since 7 a.m. yesterday. Possibly.

I may have been sitting at my computer all night.

Premiere may have crashed on me at least four times, and I may have had to completely reboot at least twice.

It's entirely possible that I am not to be trusted to operate heavy machinery or talk to small children right now. If ever.

Despite all this, there is a teeny, tiny snowball's chance in hell that I don't care I don't care I don't care because bouncebouncebounce I finished1 my very first BtVS songvid, which I've been working on since at least July.



*cough* Ahem.

BtVS ensemble -- The Ballad of Rock Ridge, from Blazing Saddles. Rated "turn down your speakers if you're at work since it's the theatrical version where the the s-word flourishes unbleeped."


1Well, finished subject to extensive and possibly eternal tweaking and revision because a) anal, b) criticism is our friend, and c) anal. Yes, I know I said that already. Not actually posting to the BMVD yet -- I think I'll give it a good few days to let the postpostpost impatience wear off and at least another rendering after trying to clean up the credits.

Slings and arrows welcome.

the right to boune


2003-10-24 11:42 am (UTC) (Link)

I just caught your post from Chrisleeoctaves. And I watched your video twice. Super job. You picked really appropriate images to go with the song. Your pacing was good as well. Nice change in mood/tempo with the cars turning the corner. It made me laugh out loud - I startled my cat.

Well done.

Re: the right to boune


2003-10-27 06:15 am (UTC) (Link)

Hee! Thank you. I have startled at least one cat (and probably my own) so my work here is done.