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  1. Am sick. With plague cold. Again. Really, really, really hate being sick. Lots.

  2. Please take my tonsils now.

  3. Really.

  4. Robitussin Honey Cough Drops with actual honey in the center? Bleurrgggghhhh shudder. Cough drops bearable, honey is actual honey, combination of two tastes = bleurggggghhhhh shudder.

  5. Actual honey? On a spoon? Niiiiiiiiiice.

  6. So to celebrate the very first week that all y'all who traditionally watch Angel with me are once again sharing my timezone (a timezone I like to call Back The Hell In Eastern Standard Where You Belong, You Fickle DST Bitches), my local WB affiliate is kindly broadcasting a special two and a half hour episode of "Indiana Pacers at Detroit Pistons." I've heard rumours that it's very slashy, with half-dressed men and buckets of sweat.

  7. This means Angel is on at midnight.

  8. WB4 sucks.

  9. And needs to decide once and for all if they're a fucking local access channel, or a network affiliate, and act accordingly.
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