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Headache. Depressed. Lonely, and I am *not* a moron. I know I shouldn't be. I've just put this little box around my head (probably the cause of the headaches) and I can't talk to people not in the box, or at least aware that the box is there, for very long. My brain goes off somewhere.

Want to do a million creative things, and want to get CG finished, so I won't feel guilty for doing them. Not the series, per se, but this one damn chapter. It's not that it's anything earthshattering, either. It's that none of the dialogue seems natural, and it even feels boring to *me*. I don't think the plot is off -- but hell if I can figure out how to write them through it.

I have ftp back, though. Wee-hoo. I can therefore post this without going through a 3-hoop dolphin-act:

I think I'm going home. We *might* even go see a movie. Or I could dub those tapes for Firehorse that I've been promising her for a year and are now almost totally moot.

Ever look at the list of things you have to do, and feel so overwhelmed that you don't want to do any of them, even the fun ones, because they make you feel guilty for not doing the un-fun ones?
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