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Phone Post. Because The Song That's Stuck In My Head? Needs To be Stuck In Yours Too.

I maded it work! All by my ownself! And all I have to do is remember to hide the phone bill from maeyan when it comes...

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(no transcription available)

ETA: note to self -- next time take the sudafed before doing that.

ETA 2: GIP! piedmargaret helpeded me with the Latin.


2003-11-15 02:32 pm (UTC) (Link)

::is sad::

My mac won't play it. Perhaps the work computer will.

::reminds self to bring headphones on Monday::


2003-11-17 03:55 pm (UTC) (Link)

I tried converting it to wav format at home (because eliade couldn't hear it either) but it made a huge file (like, 10mb) that it then wouldn't compress any smaller. :-(