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I am The Sleepy but I do not want to go to bed. No! No bed! It is not my bedtime. I'm a big girl! I don't haveta!

LAST CIGARETTE: Either 1999-ish or 2001-ish depending on if I actually took one when Ron offered his non-menthol Pall Malls. Yeah, not the big smoker, me.

LAST BIG CAR RIDE: Early October, to Terre Haute for my cousin's birthday party and then up to northwest Indiana to remove Things from the House With The Tarp On Its RoofTM

LAST KISS: Not counting my mother? Too long ago to count. If it did count, which it didn't.

LAST GOOD CRY: When I was watching Amends the night before last. Shut up. Shut UP! Miracle snow! Shut up!

LAST LIBRARY BOOK CHECKED OUT: A bunch of books on tape for Buffycon in July, not all of which I remember, but one was Little Altars Everywhere which I enjoyed, and which made me hate the things that got carefully left out of the movie version of Divine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood with a disgusted passion.

LAST MOVIE SEEN: Scary Movie 3.


LAST FOOD CONSUMED: Banquet lasagna.

LAST CRUSH: Not even telling.


LAST TV SHOW WATCHED: Broadcast: Angel. Period: Buffy -- the first half of Him, which I'm downloading.

LAST TIME SHOWERED: Thursday night.

LAST SHOES WORN: The same ones I always wear. Black slip-on loafer things that are so generic there's no point in listing a brand.

LAST CD PLAYED: Probably the Modabo album from byrne, at work. Last song listened to on WMP would be Going Gone, though, I believe.

LAST ITEM BOUGHT: Dinner at McDonald's on Thursday.

LAST ANNOYANCE: Getting disconnected from the internet in the middle of typing this.

LAST DISAPPOINTMENT: Realizing I made a technical mistake in Sealed with A Kiss, thank you zortified.


LAST ICE CREAM EATEN: The October office birthday party? Lactose intolerant, so not a big ice-cream eater.

LAST TIME SCOLDED: Heh. Can't remember, but it was probably about leaving the chain off the front foor, or letting Fred stay in the basement by himself. I get sighed or glared at more than actual scolding.

LAST SHIRT WORN: Dark green peachskin bigshirt from Personal Touch.

LAST WEBSITE VISITED: LJ, obviously, but before that, my webmail.

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