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They took the UnaBomber, shaved off his beard, cut his hair, and found David Bowie underneath!

My God, that man was hot. Not so down with the taxidermy myself, but if his lovely wife ever tires of him, I will volunteer happily to take him off her hands.

I also enjoyed the fact that they brought his family into all the aspects of it. His daughter came shopping with them. His wife participated a bit in the redecoration, at least as far as the Pile O Dried Flowers went, and then they all helped with dinner.

(Was amused at the "Plastic cups? What? Where did those come from? We never said plastic cups!" from the Fab 5. No, but you didn't say no plastic cups, guys. Think ahead, dudes. Expect the worst.)

David Bowie! Man, the resemblence was... with the beard on, I was saying he had a vague resemblence to John Glover; the *minute* the beard came off, maeyan and I were screaming "David Bowie! David Bowie! How the hell did they get David Bowie to come on the show and pretend to be an American?"
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