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[Insert meaningless subject line here]
Me? Lunch. I will answer comments and show up in places I usually show up today, but right now I'm in such a pissy mood from nonfandom (I know, I'm amazed too) stuff that I just can't really cope with appearing to be a rational, non-bitey person atm.

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Re: *blinks*


2003-11-21 10:28 pm (UTC) (Link)

Sorry, that beeping sound is my gaydar going off.

A certain roommate of mine works with a guy who'd been setting hers off, but she doesn't trust it, and wanted to verify via mine... She'd been telling me about him for days, and about how he has a picture of him and a guy in his cube and people were going "You think that's his brother?" (Because dude. Midwest. Social workers. Gaydar whaaa?)

So I came to pick her up one evening when not only he but his best bud from another division were hanging around J's desk... and by the time the two of them left, and seh was looking at me, all I could do was blink and wonder why the place wasn't on fire and why even the little old ladies weren't pointing out what a lovely couple they'd make. Gaydar whaaaa? You could pick them up on a metal filling!