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One unpopular fannish opinion, plus wolfling is funneh


Cleaned up a wee bit. ;-)

mpoetess: I am... not displeased by the smooshing of Dr. Romano. I disliked him greatly, and have a petty feeling that my wailing and gnashing of teeth at the stabbing of my Lucy and the cancer of my Dr. Green has been somewhat redressed. Not that I ever watch ER or have any opinions about it....

wolfling: And height of irony too. Because if he hadn't been having a panic attack about being up where the last helicopter attacked him, he wouldn't have been outside.

mpoetess: I am not going to post any sort of gloating laughter, however, because if Spike or Xander died permanently and someone laughed, I'd [virtually] throw things at them. Or Giles, for that matter.

wolfling: True. But this is like.... a giant burning Caleb falling on Xander and crushing him to death. Even if you're upset ya gotta see the irony.

mpoetess: Point. Also, hee.
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