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Possibly Unpopular Opinions

ETA - we're up to 23.

10 Unpopular Fannish Opinions. Or maybe more.

Because I don't particularly plan to start counting until I run out of things to say.

  1. This meme is not an opportunity to say anything I ever wanted to say about fandom or fiction or people without accepting responsibility for having said it. It's an opportunity to stand up and own my own opinions, which is a Good Thing, but I don't have diplomatic immunity from people reacting to those opinions, just because it's a meme, or just because it's acknowledged up front that they're "unpopular." Unpopular means "not a lot of people share them" not "I'm an oppressed minority and therefore you can't call me on something I say that you don't agree with, or something I say in an offensive way."

  2. Ownership of my own livejournal entitles me to say anything I please within its confines, as long as it doesn't violate applicable laws or the LJ Terms of Service. It does not entitle me to dismiss charges that the things I say are incorrect, offensive, rude, interesting but disagreed with, or any other comment that doesn't support what I say in my personal space, with "It's my personal space and I can say anything I want, so how dare you come in here and tell me _______?" Seeing comments that say "It's your LJ, you can say what you like, and they have no call to complain" drives me nuts. It's my LJ, and I can say what I like, but I am responsible for my words, and for choosing the audience to whom I make them public.

  3. Except in forums that are specifically designed to be spoiler-free, spoiler protection for tv shows that have already aired in the country in which they are produced is a courtesy. Not a right. Yes, the US tends to think it's hot shit and those Americans who are sensitive to the fact that the internet is an international community should try to minimize the assumption that they think their shit is hotter than anyone else's. Please don't confuse this with a responsibility to protect people in other countries who hang out on the internet in communities devoted to the appreciation of a show that airs in the US, from finding out anything they don't want to know before it airs in their own country. This is absolutely true for European shows that US people haven't seen yet, too.

  4. Corollary: It's a nice courtesy. Getting bitchy about why one doesn't have to give it, makes one look... bitchy.

  5. When using non-bitmap text in any way on any thing, anti-alias is your friend and mine. Aliased text is hideous and it does not make your icons, your journal, or your site look fresh and funky and fun. It just hurts my eyes. If you don't know what anti-alias is, I forgive you. It's the thing that makes your letters look smooth instead of jagged, and there's usually a box you can click to turn that feature on, in most graphics programs. If you choose not to use anti-alias because you think it's an attractive look... I really, really, really disagree. This is the most opiniony, YMMV opinion in this entry, however.

  6. The smaller you make the space in which I have to read the main content of your site? The less likely I am to ever return. Think about this before you put your fanfiction in a 300x300 i-frame, if you want me or anyone with an 800x600 screen as a continuing part of your audience.

  7. The larger you make your site in terms of the minimum screen size I must have in order to see the whole screen at once without having to scroll left-right or highlight text to get down to the navigation links that are below your non-scrolling frame on my screen? The less likely I am to ever return. Think about this before you design a site that's "Best Viewed" in hugexhuge resolution, if you want me or anyone with an 800x600 screen as a continuing part of your audience.

  8. Little as I care about who the best guy for Buffy is, I strongly believe it's Riley, and not just because he keeps my slashy vamps out of the equation. Riley had issues with wanting her to rely on him and worrying about his own feeling when he should have been worrying about hers and supporting her by letting her do what she needed to do. But. With the final act we ever heard from him about, letting Buffy choose what to do about Spike's chip? I feel like they told us he'd become aware of them, and was letting Buffy be and do, what she needed to be and do. Riley is a mensch. Unfortunately a married mensch, and it may have taken being married to another woman to discover the things he wasn't doing right with Buffy. But honestly between Spike's love for her that's so strong that I think he can't be a partner to her, just a supporter, and Angel's that's so caretaking and assuming that he makes all the decisions for her, falls Riley. Who still loves her, and whom she could have learned to love.

  9. While we're on the subject of Riley, his going to the vamp 'hookers' was not cheating on Buffy, no matter how much the whorehouse metaphor was played up. Not unless we call cheater on Buffy herself for taking the things she needed that Riley couldn't provide, from her nightly bed-leaving vamp-hunts, from letting Dracula almost seduce her, etc. They both went elsewhere to get what they needed, rather than communicating, and the 'elsewhere' was a non-relationship, self-centered pursuit, in both cases.

  10. Despite the above? Angel is her True Love.

  11. Angel did not murder Connor, and he did do the best thing for him. He didn't do the best thing for his friends, but he did the only thing that could be done to save his son. The "Connor" personality was so fucked up, and so psychotic, that he would have been miserable and murderous for the rest of his life. Angel didn't kill his son; he reincarnated him, and gave him what he wanted most in the world.

  12. I, er. Don't feel the Bon Bon love. The previous may be influenced by that. I love the way the character is used in the story, and I think Vincent Kartheiser's acting is phenomenal, but I do not like the person who adult Connor is. I wouldn't like to be around him, I don't think he's good for Angel or the Fang Gang or in fact the world, and I'm quite happy to see him changed into something better for both him and everyone else.

  13. I don't think Wesley was in love with Lilah; I do think he could have fallen in love with her given more time, and that's what he recognises and regrets. He cared about her, and perhaps loved her without yet having fallen in love with her. I do think that Lilah, despite herself, was in love with Wesley.

  14. I think Xander was absolutely right about The Lie. I also think he should have told Buffy, later. I also think she would completely understand, and if he told her tomorrow, would forgive him.

  15. I plagiarize this directly from wickedprincess3: Warren Had It Coming. He is not a misunderstood woobie. Willow did not ruin Warren and Andrew's perfect gay love. If he and Andrew were fucking then Warren was using Andrew. AKA "Warren is not Adam Busch please get over it kthxbai"

  16. I liked Dawn, even in BtVS Season 5.

  17. BtVS Season 4 was the Best Evarrrrr.

  18. Deliberate mispellings of words for cute effect, such as "teh funneh" or "Best Evarrrrr" are annoying. Except when I do it.

  19. The phrase you're looking for is "If you're going to write a sex scene, do some research," followed by "if you're going to post a sex scene, get feedback from someone familiar with the subject, preferably someone who writes good sex scenes themselves, before you post." The phrase is not "If you're going to write a sex scene, have some first." Really, really. Really. Yes, you can look at a bad sex scene and make a good guess that the writer has either never had sex, never had good sex, or can't describe it for shit. Depending on the scene you can probably even make a good guess at which. You cannot look at a good sex scene and know that the writer isn't a virgin. No, you can't. You can't. Really. Trust me.

  20. There are rabid/insane _______ fans. When someone complains about them and gives examples of what makes them rabid and insane, and they are reasonable examples, reacting defensively to the terms "rabid" or "insane" doesn't make you as a fan of _____ look oversensitive or whiney only if you are actually a victim of hydrophobia or mental illness.

  21. Corollary: if you use those terms and don't give examples, or the examples you give indicate that "rabid ____ fans" can be defined as "those who don't agree with me" or indeed "all fans of _____," expect people to call you on your shit.

  22. In general, expect people to call you on your shit. If it's not shit, defend it on its merits, not on people's right to call you on it.

  23. Sometimes, in fannish discussion as well as in that thing some folks choose to call Real Life, it's better to prove that you're reasonable, than prove that you're right. If you consistently prove that you're reasonable, you'll have a much better chance of convincing people that you're right, anyway. This is as much a note-to-self as it is to anyone else.

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