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[Insert meaningless subject line here]
So, I've survived yet another day-trip to visit my mother. And stepfather. Surprisingly, so have they. maeyan is the Bestest BFF ever, just so y'all know; she helps me retain my sanity under the insaneliest of conditions.

There is Better Buffy Slash. Which I appear to have come into possession of. And the joy of trying to figure out what people are and are not supposed to be talking about when recommending and reviewing stories. Ah, slash + fannish critique + controversial story subjects + strong personalities + me having had it up to here with the suggestion that There Is A Line... It's like shooting wank in a barrel.1

I imagine the thing to do in this situation would be... actually post something on the list, as I haven't yet, not even as a member. This will most likely happen tomorrow. When I have not been awake for...

Hmm. Only 13 hours, actually, but they were mom-and-willie hours, which is a bit like overtime. Time-and-a-half. Without holiday pay. Half bearable, a quarter actually enjoyable, and a quarter....

Put it this way -- the words "Mother, that's the drive-through! Yes, really. Oh dear god. I am not bailing you out. [Pause while I hide in the rental car and pretend deeply not to know them. And by deeply I mean how far under the dash I've ducked.] Arrrgh...We are </i>all</i> going to be arrested..." wailed their way out of my mouth at one point, and I was a) serious and b) not having fun. No, I'm not providing more details.

On the other hand I have new shoes2. 2 pair. 28 bucks total. Not bad. And I'm still not dead in a ditch, TBQ!


1 No, I am not suggesting that any of the individual members are being wanky or impolite; I'm saying, mmmm, all the ingredients for fannish insanity, packed into one tight little space -- just add hot water and away we go. It's like Instant Lunch with kerfuffle noodles instead of ramen.

2 Yes, I know they're supposed to go on your feet. But I'm tired and somewhat crack-addled, so it shiouid be obviuis thast I'mstasnsduingh on mkyu hanjsd in myu nwe shioes asnmsd tyupinmgh wuityhj nmyu feety..


2003-11-24 12:36 pm (UTC) (Link)

Well, I thought it might be a good idea to do something like this now because of certain 'tensions' but you may be right.:-)

Yeah, I do get where you're coming from, but since we just established a bunch of new rules and such, I'd like people to get used to them before we have an event where we suspend some of the rules.

It's not about quality. The PWPs, for instance, I would recommend are all examples of top quality writing, at least to me. The question is, however, whether certain sub-genres, like PWPs, pre-slash fics, short drabbles, humorous fics/shmoop, are eligible for the archive on a principal basis.

I'd say all of those are normally eligible for the archive, even the pre-slash, since we included something like "fics with slashy overtones" in the list of what can be recommended. Type (length, style, etc) of story isn't a factor in whether it's eligible for the archive, from my POV. If somebody wants to rec a drabble and enough people consider that it's a good/moving/etc enough piece of fiction, I don't have any problem with archiving it at all. Ditto for PWP, etc. The only category that we won't archive is WIPs, I'd say -- so a WIP reccing weekend could be fun! (Not to say we couldn't do a PWP weekend or a drabble weekend, etc -- just that I don't have a problem with reccing those in the course of daily activities either.)