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Irony is kind of ironic that way.

Damn. The latest intro post on That Other List That I'm Still A Member Of And Not In Competition With So Please Chill KTHXBI reminded me that I'd been going to post in my personal, non-admin intro on Better Buffy Slash:

Name: Amy
Age: 12
What I Will Never, Ever Read: M/m slash, cause ewwww! Oh wait, wrong list.

But I figured that was bitchy and exaggerated.

K' then.


ETA because a vague disclaimer is nobody's friend: And by this post I mean, this is an example of one reason why people might also, at the same time, side by side, in addition to the fandomwide list, want a list where they didn't feel they were making slash recommendations to an audience who are silently going "Ewww."
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