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Fish without a Studebaker?

Only Jen, Kelly, and Heather will get that, but oh well. My surreality is surreal, because it actually relates to me in several ways.

I am a Fish with a Bicycle.

My poetry kills cows, but only with an acute sunset. Four score bald men take their coffee for a walk with my conveyer belt. Death pays those who interfere with my green amusement.

Are your giraffes on fire? The Utterly Surreal Test

Fish with a bicycle (I know I'm ruining the surreality for you lot by analyzing this) is a misquote from Gloria Steinem. (Ahem. Thank you, Dine.) A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle. Of course, I'm definitely bikeless, or fishless, or something, but it does apply to my life. Once upon a time, my friend Kelly, who is famous for inventing bizarre translations of things she didn't hear quite right, misheard *something* as (because she'd heard the Steinem quote recently) "Fish without a Studebaker?" Yes, that was a boring explanation. Please move on.

The poetry bit is fairly obvious (for those of you who thought I picked it because it sounded cool, no, I actually did write poetry, and only poetry, for a long time. It can be found here.) I have no idea whether it kills cows; if you own any, feel free to print out one of my poems and test the theory. I do know that a chapter of CG almost killed a co-worker, as she was crossing the street while trying to read it. That was after dusk, though, so there was no acute sunset.

The bald men are, indeed, surreal. I make no excuses for them.

Green is my favourite color. Those who mock it, die in surprisingly subtle ways, many years later, when they're least expecting it.

I wonder what happens if you choose "Fish" for every answer? It probably tells you you're Arnold Rimmer.

Oh and (duh) :

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