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Mail Call, and GIP

The holiday cards are still coming in. Whee! One thing I genuinely love this season for, as there's something neat in my mailbox almost every day. Yesterday there was a card from vylit, and one from gem225, and a kitty card from jadelennox with a *Shrinky Dink* in it! Of Spike spanking Xander! O.O

And I opened my Christmas present from maeyan before I left for work this morning, to find she'd got me... an MP3 player. Which in no every way makes me feel exceptionally guilty for going off on her last night when I was in a foul, pre-weepy, every-straw-is-the-last-straw mood.


Dear recently1-discovered thyroid imbalance: please be responsible for how bloody irritable I've been lately, and, with the help of the lovely wee pills, make it go away? Pretty please? It's much nicer to blame you than my own personality defects...


1</sup> As in, yesterday...

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