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Which one is me? Er, both. If I were a fanfic reader, I would be: Bambi.

I am a small, fuzzy creature with big eyes, and a twitchy nose. I am most likely to be murdered by a morally ambiguous redhead, which, since I am one, probably says something narcissistic about me. I don't think anyone has to agree with me on the subject of story warnings, and was never moralizing to anyone that they should; just giving my view, as a reader. I'm perfectly willing to accept that I'm not an adult. Nor am I sophisticated, or smart, and I certainly don't care about storytelling. I am, after all, a small, spotted ruminant. At least Willow loves me. Look -- she's beckoning. Isn't she pretty? Er, hey, what's that in your hand? It's shiny...

Or. Um. I don't suggest that feedback is payment for services rendered. I merely pointed out -- to people who have stated repeatedly that they do, just like me, get that glorious crack-buzz from insightful feedback -- that they might never get it from me on a story of theirs that I would like because I've been scared off by them not having labeled something else. So I'd never *read* the story that I'd appreciate, because the mere name of the author, coupled in my mind with "Oh, she doesn't believe in labeling character death stories" will act as a label unto itself, and I won't read *any* story by that author. I'm not suggesting my feedback, or appreciation, or whatever, is some kind of carrot and stick, or has any value.

Yes, we all make choices, and I'm not pushing my reasoning for *not* reading certain authors/stories, on anyone else. I don't necessarily think I'm immature, unsophisticated, and unintelligent, because I won't read every story that comes my way, in order to open my mind to new possibilities, or that I don't care about the art of storytelling, just because I, personally, like to be warned that a story isn't my style. But I don't mind if others think that about me, I guess.
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