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1. Tired as all hell. Bed now.

2. Screw you too, stupid vid. Dammit, Giles, can't you just eyefuck Ethan without talking? No, Buffy, you can't talk either. Shut up!

3. WTF, Spike? I know you're a posturing ass and usually love you for it, but could you have a consistent motivation for like, five minutes? Please, for me? So I don't have to concede that I might actually be ignoring atrocious writing in favor of The Gay And The Pretty? I liked the part where I resented that accusation much more than the part where I seem to be living it. It's getting harder and harder to say "Oh, he's just showing off to piss off Angel/strut his manhood/impress the chicks" with a straight face.

4. Despite the aforementioned, I adored "Harm's Way." I lived Harmony's last two days. For a year. With a bitchier, more unappreciative boss than Angel. Right down to the not being able to hold back tears after several encounters with her. Undervalued support persons of the world, collate!

5. Muffin! Also right-biters. And straight people -- as opposed to vampires.

6. WTF, Spike? Oh wait, I said that already.

7. Re: deep speculations about alternate universes or even more mindwipe magic based on the weird reference to Harmony as "Crystal" in the casting sides for this episode? I say what I held back since I saw the first person postulating on this: Dude, sometimes a cigar is just a reincarnated script with a non-generic character in an originally generic role. Occam's Razor.

ETA: 8. Know who else was a muffin? Blueberry with that crunchy-munchy topping? Scott "and then he came out" Hope. IJS.

ETA: 9. Re #3: If Spike's excuse was just that, the real reason he's still here is that corporeal or not, he still can't get very far away from Angel (we've seen him leave LA, but Angel was giving chase at the time), I'll be happy with it on three fronts: A. The Gay And The Pretty, B. Actually applying to the Shanshu plotline instead of just manipulating character motivations to keep Spike around for it, and C. An example of his posturing done well, because after giving a big speech about running off to find Buffy, Spike would totally hide the fact that oops, couldn't quite make it out of the city limits. Still doesn't explain why now he's all "Screw your destiny" when last episode he was chugging the Mountain Dew like there was no tomorrow, though. Yeah, he got played, but there was nothing inherent in the cup thing being fake that should make him suddenly not care about getting the thing he was seeing as a prize.
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