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There now, that's done...

In non-fic news, watched the State of the Union, or most of it. I think we turned it on about 15 minutes in.

Much as I am not a particular fan of Ted Kennedy, watching his "OMGWTFBBQ" face (pretty much the same position as TBQ's 'shut up shut up shut up' Elrond icon except his hand was over his mouth) at every word Bush said was the one redeeming feature of the experience.

maeyan is, I think, rather sick of the phrase "Agggh! Suck my dick! No, really, suck my dick!" after having shared a living room with me during said experience. (Er, directed at GWB, not maeyan.)

Watched Shanghai Knights afterwards, just to try to blur the memories. A much better context for the "Suck my dick" line, which desperately needs to be reclaimed from its presidential associations, but sadly the writers didn't agree with me, or at least it's not on the DVD extras anywhere that I could find. Still, it's a wonderful movie for enjoying the slash and the chop-socky Hong Kong stuff transplanted into the 1800's. If you can turn your brain off and stop pointing out the historical inaccuracies and the "WTF? That boy should have been a girl, and should have had a better secret than the incredibly lame one he ended up with" and "Queen Victoria has *9* children all of her own -- the villain should have been *much* further from the throne than 10th in order to be believable" moments. But. Fun. Slashy. Male leads frolicking naked together during a pillowfight.

I want to know what that teen/preteen boy kept saying when he was leaning over and whispering in his dad's ear. During the SOTU, not SK.

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