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A New Game

Note: despite subject line, this post does not contain the klez virus!

It does contain my abject boredom, due to WB4 Indianapolis once again denying me my constitutionally-guaranteed right to watch Angel at the same time as everybody else in the Eastern Standard timezone. AKA, screw college basketball, thank you.

So, for anyone likewise filled with fannish ennui, and because the concept tickles me, I present:

Non Sequitur Spam Tennis

You know the spam I mean -- the ones with subject lines that appear to have been generated by a thesaurus whose pages were soaked in LSD.

The first poster serves by posting a subject line from their inbox. Or trash bin, or spam-filter-folder. Whichever, as long as it's a real subject line, not made up, and it's an internal non sequitur. No "Get Many Big Boobies Here" lines -- just the "Winery Ducklings Chapeau" type. Or the random one-word interjections like "Bologna!"

Other players volley by replying with their own actually-received subject lines -- replying either to the original post or to another player's comment. (More fun the second way, I'd think.) The only aim being to post the most entertaining combinations you've received -- and to uphold the tradition begun by the spam itself, of making absolutely no sense. So only respond with a line that couldn't possibly be a logical response to the one you're replying to.

A player is knocked out of the game (but is free to run off and start a new game in their own LJ) when someone can point out that oops -- you replied with a line that *does* have some logical connection to the previous line, even if it's a far-fetched one. (Original poster being the godlike arbitrator who decides whether the connection is *too* far-fetched or not.) Example -- I post "winery ducklings chapeau" and someone posts "emblematic caxes communitarianism pope" -- a case could be made that a chapeau being a hat, and the pope having a somewhat emblematic one, the second line is not a non sequitur.

The person who pointed out the connection gets a cookie and 5 bitch-points. Yes, the concept here is to drive youself insane looking for patterns and poetry in randomly-generated subject-lines. Thank you for asking!

Much as it is in the world of trying to sell things via spam, there is no actual winner. Ever. The game continues until everybody gets sick of it. And then, unlike real spam, stops.


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