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Yes, [re #200 on the BBC Books list] I did go off and diagram the family tree from Flowers in the Attic, thank you for asking. With footnotes. It's not completely accurate, as I discovered when verifying spellings and names, but pretty damn close. It's something I used to do when bored during classes/lectures.

[Anything in brackets is a correction that I looked up afterwards. anything not in brackets came from memory.]

1. Corrine [I've been mispelling it all along, hence alt spelling in pic] the First - Garland Foxworth's first wife. Malcolm worshipped/hated her for dying/leaving,
(Confession - can't remember if she ran off on Garland, or died.)

2. Garland Foxworth - Big Daddy. Older, heart condition, brand new wife who was the same age as his son. More or less a nice -- if clueless -- guy. [The one name I've been completely misremembering all this time. Mostly because he only appears in the prequel.]

3. Alicia Foxworth - Big Daddy's brand new wife. Innocent twit. Malcolm either rapes or coerces her into having sex, sometime after her legitimate son is born. This produces Corrine the Younger, who is raised as Olivia's daughter. [Alicia dies of breast cancer.]

4. John... Robert? Wallace? -- Religious nutcase who intimidates Olivia and enables Malcolm at every turn. Creepy-ass bastard. Years later, gives Malcolm's diary to little Bart, and tries to raise him up right to
be a god-fearing, woman-hatin' psychopath.

5. Olivia -- Malcolm's wife, who might almost have been a good guy if it didn't all go sour in the prequel. We know her best as The Evil Grandmother who wouldn't go in the attic because she was afraid of confined spaces.

6. Malcolm Foxworth -- Teh Devil Incarnate. Hates women except for his Madonna/Whore mother and his shining angel daughter. Responsible for everything bad in the FITA universe. Seriously. Despite the fact that in the original book he's mostly the silent offscreen figure that we never even see.

7. Mal Foxworth -- Died youngish doing something exciting and dangerous. Motorcycle racing, I think.

8. Joel Foxworth -- They *thought* he died youngish (Much of Olivia's craziness is due to losing both her boys, and Corrine the Younger being such a Daddy's Girl that Evil Grandmother was basically left with no kids.) in some kind of mountain-climbing accident, but he turns up later when Cathy's kids are grown to.. um. Hang around and be creepy? He really has no point. [Outside source says disinherited vs. died -- haven't looked up the details yet.]

9. Christopher Foxworth -- Garland and Alicia's legitimate son. He and Corrine the Younger fell in love, and thinknig they were only half-uncle and half-niece, ran off and got married, changing their last name to Dollanganger.

10. Corrine the Younger -- Malcolm's spoiled girlchild, who runs off with her half-uncle, unknowing of the fact that he's *also* her half-brother, and has four kids with him. After he dies, she moves her kids back into Malcolm and Olivia's house, starting the whole Attic Flowers insanity. Also, *she* is the one who poisoned the donuts, not Evil Grandmother. Because she was about to get remarried, and the kids were too inconvenient for her.

11. Bartholomew Winslow -- Corrine the Younger's rich second husband. He was killed in the fire that adult!Cathy ended up causing when she came back to confront her mother, but not before Cathy had an affair with him that produced little Bart.

12. Christopher Dollanganger -- One of the 4 attic children, aka the "Dresden Dolls." Fell in love with his sister in the attic days, grew up to become a doctor, tried to avoid giving in to Teh Eval Incest, but because Cathy pretty much *always* gets what she wants, [Dude, it *has* been awhile. Apparently Chris was the one pushing for the relationship, and Cathy was the one who kept trying to avoid it.] but eventually fiddled around with their surnames *again* and married Cathy, though their marriage produced no kids of their own. Died, ironically, just like his father, in a car accident.

13. Cathy Dollanganger -- Our (fucked-up, selfish, mildly insane) heroine. Who screws just about every male character in the roster who's not related to her. Plus Chris. But really all she wants is love. And revenge. And Chris but won't let herself have him. And to be a ballerina. And a pony. To have a pony, not be one. I think.

14. Carrie Dollanganger -- survived the attic, but commited suicide in her twenties because the past was all too much for her. Having been very small (six) during the attic days when the kids were being slowly poisoned with arsenic by their mother, her growth was stunted, which... did something. Made men not want her? Hindered her career? Something.

15. Cory Dollanganger -- Carrie's twin. Died while they were still prisoners in the attic, from the arsenic poisoning. Which fact finally prompted the rest of them to make a run for it. The creepiest part of the Cory story (a part they skipped in the film because they had the Cathy-confronts-Corinne scene happen right then instead of years later) is that because they didn't dare bury him on the grounds for some reason, Corrine hid his body in a trunk in the attic.

16. Paul -- The doctor who adopts the three remaining Dollanganger kids after they escape from the Foxworth home. Cathy (as is her wont) falls for him and eventually (I think?) marries him [gets engaged to him; not married], though he has a weak heart and doesn't live very long after that.

17. Julian -- Cathy's (second?) husband, a dancer. He...dies somehow. Tragically, I'm sure. [Committed suicide. Buh? Must look up.] Father of Jory.

18. Jory -- Cathy's eldest son. Also a dancer. He knows Chris is not his father, and visits his paternal grandmother semi-regularly. Married to Melody[ie], father of Derek [Darren] and Deirdre. Bart rigs a set of sandbags to fall on him when he's playing Samson in a ballet, crippling him. Gotta love that brotherly affection.

19. Bart -- Teh Devil Incarnate, Junior. Fucking freaky little sociopath who is apparently also a mutant, as his nerve endings don't reach quite to the surface of his skin. Which means that while he can walk and talk and control his muscles, he doesn't feel touch as anything more than pressure. Almost loses a leg to tetanus or gangrene or something ugly, iirc, because he doesn't feel the pain. He was raised to believe Chris is his father, afaik. Creepy-ass John Wassisface instills Malcolm's insanity in him via dead great-granddad's diary, while Corinne, who's supposed to be in a mental hospital following the whole confrontation-houseburning-husband-dead thing, spoils him rotten. Even when he gets taken away from their influence, Bart continues to be see above re freaky little sociopath. Eventually becomes a tv preacher, and Cathy somehow thinks this means he's *redeemed*????

20. Cindy -- Cathy and Chris' adopted daughter; the child of friends who died in... wait for it... a car accident. Bart comes onto her, and this is of course wrong and bad, unlike Cathy and Chris' type of incest, which is good and pure. Because C&C are actually related. Or possibly because Bart is Teh Devil Incarnate Junior.

21. Melody[ie] -- Jory's wife. I want to say Bart comes onto her too. [Which would be unsurprising, as Bart is basically a male version of Cathy, minus the self-deception that allows her to think she's always in the right. He just takes what he wants; she manages to convince herself that what she wants is a Good Thing.]

22. Derek[arren] and Deirdre -- Melody and Jory's twins. They are essentially props to remind us of Carrie and Cory. Given that they're healthy, happy, and really have no bizarre gothic influences in their lives beyond their dad-crippling asshole of an uncle, this is only mildly successful.

[23. Toni -- ??? I admit to complete senility here, as I do not remember Jory getting married again. Ah look, timewasting research to do.]

[24. Child-o-Jory-and-Toni] -- I assume by the phrasing of it in my outside source as "they have a child" that she was pregnant at the end of the last chronological novel. Which almost rings a bell.]

The End.


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