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Can I just make my predictions now that fandom_scruples is a troll? Will I get a cookie if proven right?

I don't think people are being gullible or naive for wanting to protect themselves, or for being worried about what might happen if fandom_scruples is actually serious about this post. (Though if they are, they don't have a shot in hell of using COPPA to pursue their case, because COPPA specifically targets commercial ventures. ETA Ha! Also, as starbrow points out, what they are citing is not COPPA, the Child Online Privacy Protection Act, but COPA, a "Child Online Protection Act" that does not in fact exist. Which supports either the "troll" or "really, really stupid" theories.) Sigh. Okay, rewind troll vs. stupid theory one more time: There is such a law as the one they cited. It was declared unconstitutional several years ago, and is not in effect. If it *were* in effect, it would still, just like COPPA, only apply to commercial sites. So, SSDL: same shit, different law.

But I think it's a troll, and a rather successful one - look at, one way or another, the amount of attention it's managed to gather.

OTOH, it's HP-centric, and god knows I've seen more flamewars in the Harry Potter fandom this year that I thought just had to be fake because no one could be that. sodding. insane. And they weren't. So. Betting my lunch money on troll, but wouldn't be shocked to the core if I'm wrong.
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