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Somewhere in the world, it is still Saturday.

Gilesficathon word count: 10,625.

Counts since work began --
Total Pixy Stix consumed: 14
Total Oatmeal Cream Pies consumed: 4
Total oz. various soul-destroying energy drinks consumed: 40

Status of fic: completed!
Status of pairing: still cracktastic!


Title: The Waking
Written for: ascian3
Item/person/thingie requested: Ripper; deep background Giles
Thingies not wanted: No Buffy and/or Dawn sex; light on the Ethan content.
Thingies put in that were not wanted: Mileage may vary on what "Light on the Ethan content" actually means.
Spoilers: The whole of BtVS, though the strongest are for Never Kill a Boy on the First Date, The Dark Age, Grave and Chosen. Despite this, only one scene actually involves the BtVS-bar-Giles cast.
Pairing: Um. Hi. Giles/original female character. Sort of.

*prepares to to be drummed out of slash fandom*

(Actually, small slashiness. See above re mileage, comma, varies.)

Beta readers who have my eternal devotion: piedmargaret (who is not to blame for any bad commas or faux Briticisms after section three as that's when she had to go to bed) and justhuman (who is not to blame for anything but the alternate title, which should not be read until the story is over, I mean it, I *really* mean it, because the alt title is funny but the story is not -- and is contained inside this cut-tag.)

[Love Conkers All. She claims she found it on a website about a conkers festival but I think her twisted evil brain dreamed it up all by herself.]

Also, many thanks to the following peoples for patient support and not committing justifiable homicide on my neurotic self: wolfling, vylit, wesleysgirl, byrne, zortified, thebratqueen, maeyan.

And the story would be here: I wake to sleep, and take my waking slow. I learn by going where I have to go. ~Theodore Roethke (With appropriate apologies to Shel Silverstein)
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