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May I just echo the most persuasive and eloquent wesleysgirl and say "IT'S JUST A BOOB!"

No? May I add, then:

Apparently during a song in the Superbowl halftime show, Justin Timberlake ripped away part of Janet Jackson's top, revealing her right breast, complete with evil soul-destroying nipple and nipple-ring. Despite fannish uncertainty as to whether this was intentional or not, he is now confirmed for a first class ticket to hell, she is in the running for Whore of Babylon(TM), and children everywhere are being rushed off for emergency eye-surgery after their first sight of boobflesh ever. </admitted exaggeration>

And apparently it would've been just fine if it happened at the VMA or MTV awards, which as they are awards for talent in musical arts, are adults-only, but not at the Superbowl, which is a fine, longstanding children's programme where men engage in the traditional ritual of beating the shit out of each other sometimes doing permanent damage to skulls, knees and spines despite padded clothing, while women with large but decently-covered breasts jump up and down in a rhythmical motion on the sidelines, with occasional heartwarming panty-shots?
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