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Things not to do to amuse yourself when your 13 mb upload is at 40% on dialup

Note to self: When TBQ can't brave the TWOP boards anymore, what the hell makes you think you can? Especially the Angel forum.1 At least I wasn't masochistic enough to actually read the recap.

Note to world: I would go to hell if I made t-shirts on Cafe Press that said, respectively, "Shut up, Glark," and "Shut up, Strega" wouldn't I?2 Yeah, thought so. Uh. Spike-partisan? Moi? Though I think I'd be equally annoyed if they said "Shut up, Wesley." I'm trying to come to emotional terms with the fact that I'd probably buy a "Shut up, Eve, and then die painfully, unless you're Lilah in disguise" t-shirt, though.

How about a cheap stick-figure not-remotely-Tubey on a t-shirt that says "We snark because we want you to hate your favorite tv shows as much as we do."

That said, I quite liked the most recent review of Sex & the City. Why, you ask? Because despite not having HBO or ever having seen a single episode, I was convinced by the writing that 1) The reviewer actually liked the show, and 2) I might actually like it too, if I got the chance to watch. And yet the recap was still bitchy and amusing, just like as far as I can tell the Buffy and Angel recaps never were TWOP is theoretically supposed to be.

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