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Meanwhile, pointless meme.

School and Year you graduated
Lake Central High School. 1991.

Number of people in your graduating class:

Nickname in high school?
Nah. Never really had a nickname [that actually stuck] until I hit the net, not counting the Thing My Grandmother Used To Call Me Which I Detest And Which My Cousin Bless Her Heart STILL Doesn't Get That I'm Not Fucking Kidding About When I Say Don't Call Me That, No, It's NOT Funny.

Sport you were into?

Had a circle of friends?
A Venn Diagram of Acquaintances, more like.

[Choir geeks who were not idiots or druggies]

[Theatre geeks v.1: Techs. Who were mostly younger than me, and possessed of varying amounts of good sense. My welcome in that set was largely due to me having a car, and being somebody their moms would trust to chauffer them around.]

[Theatre geeks v.2: Actors. Who were mostly my age, very insular in a polite way, and though they didn't hang out with me, would at least admit to knowing me.]

[Honors kids, many of whom fell into the previous categories.]


[Jason The Incredibly Flaming OMG Carson Kressley Only Wishes He Were That Gay Doctor Who Fan Who Borrowed All My Tapes And Never Did Give Me Back Most Of The Troughton Episodes Before He Disappeared Into The Wilds Of Chicago Never To Be Heard From Again.] Who was, believe me, a circle unto himself. He was also perhaps the only person in the school who had no idea just how flaming he actually was, which made it sadly ironic that I was introduced to him by his (then but not for long) girlfriend. When last heard from (sometime in my freshman year of college), he was still allegedly straight. I somehow suspect the disappearing into the wilds of Chicago (this according to his identical twin neighbors, who are a fascinating study unto themselves) cured him of that. I certainly hope ten years have cured him of it if nothing else, because did I mention the flames? Like, the kind that are visible from the ionosphere? K' then.

Plus best friend Gayle, currently possessed of doctorate, professorship, husband, and two kids, and I'm much less envious of that these days than I thought I would be in high school when she was already planning out what age she'd be by the time she got each degree.

Best subject?
English, followed by German and Choir. Despite the fact that these days my idea of conversational German is Guten Tag! Ich heisse Amy! Sprechen Sie Englisch?"

Worst subject?
Trig and Analytic Geometry, which were taught as one semester each by the same teacher in the same school year. Not a bad teacher -- it was just that I reached my level of mathmatical incompetence there, and it showed. Algebra and basic geometry I could do, but combine them and add in complex calulations, and I was lost. Lost like passed with a D+ and C- lost, I believe. Closely followed by Chemistry, though I got B's in that, for much the same reason. I took no science and no math my senior year, having fulfilled all the requirements by the end of Junior year, and I was the happiest little camper ever. Physics? Calculus? Sheeeeyah right.

A teacher you owe life lessons to?
Dr. Kirkpatrick. Aside from just being incredibly kind and amusing, she earned my eternal respect for this: upon being reminded that I would be absent one Friday from the class in which I was her teacher's aide because of All State Choir, which involved an overnight road trip with several other students -- she interrupted me to say with a straight face, "I know, you'll be busy sleeping with my son." Which was true enough, as he was the one driving us, and we were all staying in the same hotel. Sadly, not literally true, as her son was my One Big High School Crush. A fact I'm pretty sure she was aware of, and I give her more cool points for being able to joke with me about it considering I didn't have a snowball's chance.

Describe in one word... (Sure but then I'll cheat and explain it.)

Freshman (year 9): gymhell (what -- that's one word!)
Sophmore (year 10): Free. (First full year my mother didn't live with us, and yes, it was like clouds of angst and insanity and worry just lifted away.)
Junior (year 11): Theatre.
Senior (year 12): Wow. (Because... really, it was good, despite pockets of angst. I had fun. I had Acquaintances and activities, and a sort of pagan epiphany, and set the curtains on fire, and I wasn't just the fat kid that only the teachers liked.)

Your best friend was?
See above re Professor Gayle.

Worst friend?
See above re? Because whoo, was that relationship competetive and argumentative and everything that geek kids tend to be, of course. And oddly distant; we were not people who hung out togther outside of school, except on a few special occasions.

Cafeteria food sucked?
Average; plus we had an a la carte section with packaged sandwiches etc. that was actually pretty good.

Wore uniforms?
Only for choir.

How was the prom?
Fun, and also lame, and also fun. I went with Professor Gayle's brother, who was a sophmore, and sweetly dorky. and didn't like to slow dance. It was, let's face it, not a date. It was a group outing for four (adding in Gayle and her date, who actually was a date) with expensive duds and fried ice cream at Chi Chis immediately following. It was also held on my 18th birthday, and yes, I spent much of the evening glancing across the banquet hall to watch One Big High School Crush dancing with his date. Who was a date. Who was the French foreign exchange student, with just about everything that implies.

Who were the prom king and queen?
I am too lazy to go downstairs and dig out my yearbook to find out.

Any achievements?
Choir stuff. Academic stuff. All of which I'm anal and pretentious enough to list out, and paranoid about coming off as anal and pretentious enough not to list out.

Were you popular?
I was C-crowd. Not one of the Losers (ie stoner or ho, not that the two were mutually exclusive), but not by any means popular.

Best song that reminds you of high school?
Me in high school: Where've You Been, which was my senior solo piece in choir, and like All State Choir, something that I got through divine intervention, I'm still completely convinced. High school as high school: Brown Eyed Girl, which got played at every. fucking. function. that had any sort of dance attached to it.
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