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Angel 5.13 and promo for 5.14

Actual commentary behind cut. Really. Not a trick. Really. Promise.

No spoilers in comments beyond ep and promo, please. (I am spoiled; others may not be.)

Dear Spike:

The black hair is, for the period, hot. Listen to none who would tell you otherwise.

It does, however, make your head look unnaturally fat.

OTOH, this enhances the father/son resemblence.

In other news, you were always a prat, weren't you. And yet I still love you.

Yes, Angel is still a dick. And yet he still loves you wants to swab your dick deck.

William? Honey? Never sing in game face again.

Also, stop not knowing languages; you're ruining my fanon.

Especially German. Chinese I could forgive, but German? German? Christ, I could pick out every third word, and I'm not nearly as well-educated as you should have been.

In closing, please tell the man who plays you that I said "Hahahahaha yes. Sure you never see male vampires turn other male vampires. Booyah, baby. In your didn't-sire-Holden-onscreen face." Not that Not!MarkHarmon was in any way sexier than your clothing-appropriating self, but at least they let us see his ass get sired by Angel, unlike yours, coughretconcough.

love and kisses,

P.S. I arranged next week's ep personally, just for you. Please reward me accordingly.

P.P.S. Mmm, you missed some good meeting-porn earlier tonight. You should hang around the office more often. In-character character interaction and everything!

P.P.P.S. Tell Angel that epiphany he kinda had tonight? He should probably write that down. He tends to forget shit like that otherwise. I think he caught the habit from Buffy.
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