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Between this icon (by the beauteous robintcj) and the story I just finished reading, I may never stop rolling on the floor today.

Said story is by karabair, and proves that ff.net is not without redeeming virtues, though granted I had to be directly linked there; I'd never have found it on my own. It's a parody of Chekhov's A Lady's Story called A Slayer's Story, and mocks pretty much all the cast of both shows in a meta sort of way, though it's by nature concentrated on B/A, to parallel the romance in the original story.

A quote: "Silence again. This could not be good for ratings, I think, and then I remember that I no longer have a show. I thought of the past, I wondered why I had suddenly switched verb tenses and whether this is an issue of stylistic choice or the subtleties of Russian translation. I felt unbearably sorry for my poor showless self, and for Angel, languishing on the WB, which most people would not even consider to be a network, although he often tells me it is better than UPN."

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