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Viddery Question

I'm being driven rapidly out of my mind by my new tv/graphics card, which has both input and output ability to connect a tv or vcr to the pc.

Input (from a stereo VCR via a standard coax cable) is fine and dandy; I can capture source from VHS tapes til the cows come home, just as I could before with my input-only card. Not that I need to for the most part, as my Buffy source is now almost all downloaded or ripped from DVD, but it's nice to have the ability.

Output, however, which is what I need for the purposes of transferring mine and wolfling's vids from digital to VHS for the Connexions vidshow, is a no-go. I'm at a loss to figure out why, and the ATI help files and docs are less than helpful, not that I haven't been through them from cover to cover anyway.

It's an ATI All-In-Wonder 128 Pro, and the card is connected via composite cable to the vcr's video input; sound card connected to the vcr's stereo input. The "play to tv" function is enabled in my display settings. VCR is set on channel 3. I've tried recording with the VCR set on TV, and with it set on VCR, and either way I get no sound, no picture, on playback.

I've been through the message archive at [nummy_treat] and am scrolling through same on the [vidder] list, but haven't come across any detailed technical discussions of transferring from digital to analog yet. The thought of posting any sort of technical question to either list right now gives me hives, frankly, though that's my next stop, I suppose, if my solo research comes up empty.

I thought I'd throw it out to the lj-circuit first, though. Anybody have the same card, or something similar enough that they recognise what's up? A setting I didn't know I needed to change, or... ?

ETA: problem solved, thanks to the tag-team of jadelennox and temvald!

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