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[Insert meaningless subject line here]

Last Cigarette: Two years ago or so.
Last Alcoholic Drink: Mead. Ugh. Disgusting. Tasted like someone dissolved honey-lemon cough drops in wine.
Last Car Ride: To work this morning
Last Movie: Last 3rd of Philadelphia Story?
Last Library Book checked out: Bunch of horror anthologies + Thyroid Power + a book on Cyber Witchery. All vastly overdue now.
Last Movie Seen in Theatres: Uh. Finding Nemo?
Last Book Read: Final Shadows (one of the horror anthologies)
Last Movie Rented: Bringin' Down the House
Last Cuss Word Uttered: Fuck, undoubtedly.
Last Beverage Drank: Cranberry Apple Raspberry cocktail.
Last Food Consumed: Chocolate cookie w/white choc chunks.
Last Phone Call: On phone w/maeyan right now.
Last TV Show Watched: 1st season West Wing rerun
Last Time Showered: Hah! and Hah!
Last Shoes Worn: Same ones I always wear.
Last CD Played: Best of the Proclaimers
Last Item Bought: 3 pots of Carmex
Last Download: Heheheheheh. No comment.
Last Annoyance: Waiting to find out if maeyan is going off with her brother today, or if we're going home together, thus me doing stupid meme.
Last Disappointment: maeyan is not going off with her brother today, and thus we need to do the Dance of Computer Trading when Angel comes on
Last Soda Drank: Pepsi.
Last Thing Written: Note to self to ask coworker about retention schedule for governor's office
Last Key Used: House key.
Last Word/s Spoken: "Hi!" (To the maintenence guy changing my trash can)
Last Sleep: Woke up at 7-ish
Last IM: Non-irc? Magpie or Wolfling.
Last Weird Encounter: Any with maeyan?
Last Ice Cream Eaten: Baskin Robbins. Terre Haute Indiana. "Mother, that's the DRIVE-THRU!" [hides in car] *is never eating ice cream again*
Last Time Amused: See previous post
Last Chair Sat In: This one.
Last Lipstick Used: The bronze shimmer peppermint sample thingy that I use when I'm out of carmex or chapstick and am really desperate, since it's almost invisible on my lips. For real lipstick, I use Body Shop.. hrrm. It's worn away. It's pretty close to the walnut shade on their website though.
Last Underwear Worn: Uh? White?
Last Bra Worn: The one with straps and things to put my boobies in.
Last Shirt Worn: Yellow shortsleeved cotton
Last Webpage Visited: roamans.com trying to find the shirt I'm wearing, which they don't seem to have anymore

So not worth clicking, and now I'm going!
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