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Spoilers for ep only, and non-spoilery spec. Er, and for the final season of Forever Knight, because god knows there's someone out there who will complain about me spoiling a show that's been off the air for 8 years.

Er, first, my reaction: Asfafdsksak;;. Damn. Fine ep, despite: a few anvilly lines, the Fred-Sue-ness not on the part of Fred but on the part of the people around her, and the fact that no matter how much you tousle Eve's hair, you still can't make me see what the fuck the POINT was to her. Her demonstrated personality, wheher it's Lilah Jr. (not) or cowering-in-Lindsey's-bed-worrying-about-her-boyfriend is so non W&H and non-Liason-to-the-SP that I say again, WTF? Why? (Assuming she is not, as many speccers wish, another character in disguise, which seems sadly more unlikely every ep.) What was I saying? Oh, right. Fine ep. Spike/Angel banterhandholdingtheyaresomarriedcakes. Wes/Gunn banter and Gunn *totally* had me going at the beginning in the "I thought it was Wes' nightmare" way. Even the Wes/Fred did not make me want to spork my eyes out, though granted some of that was because I knew what was coming. Gunn getting the actions-have-consequences kick in the ass, oh yes. Spike's hole-in-the-world speech made me shiver; it's one of two that I made audio bites for and will undoubtedly replay several times. (The other being Wes reading A Little Princess.) Despite being spoiled out the wazoo, Fred's death scene got to me, and the fact that she never found her bunny was just.... wahhhh! And like many other people, I think Illyria!Fred = tehHott. I however think that she looks more like a 3-D rendered Final Fantasy character than a Farscape extra. She has anime eyes.

Then, my concession to plotholeness: The big obnoxious plothole as pointed out by many is, why don't they just fly Fred there, or teleport her, along with the box, so there's no one between her and the sarcophagus, and nobody has to choose to screw Fred (ow ow ow disturbing Supersymmetry flashbacks ow ow ow ow spork) or the world? Not too big of a fanwank for me: a) they don't think they have time, or b) they don't think she could stand the trip. If a), then why Spike and Angel think they have time to stand around angsting and looking at the pretty hole, I do not know, but I'm perfectly willing to buy b), though it would've been nice if they'd *said* so.

Now, about other people's reactions: why am I seeing people saying, here and there, some variation on "Angel chose the world over Fred?" Were we, er, watching different shows, in a completely non-subjective sense of the phrase? He didn't - Knox thought he would, but he chose to screw the world. Hence the phrase "Screw Hell with the world." He just didn't do it in time. What's more, as of yet, he doesn't know he didn't do it in time. In Angel And Spike's Angsty Tunnel Of Sarcophagi, Fred is still alive and they need to arrange for that casket to be shipped over pronto. Right after they finish angsting. Yes? Right? Or did I misinterpret something?

[obspoilerho nod -- earlier script spoilers showed that Angel did choose the world over Fred, but that changed, very late in the day, to include the "Screw the world" line.]

[obpollyannaglasses -- Keep in mind that I am apparently the only person in the world to honestly and without wishful thinking interpret the Forever Knight episode where Janette (apparently, according to several epguides and Wolfling, who of all people would know if there were a non-tragic way of seeing the ep) dies as "No, after they cut away, he vamped her. That *was* the tragedy, because she *wanted* to die as a human, and she will never forgive him, and the people killed by vamps at the end were killed by her, before she left town never to return." ]
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