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Crossposted to sxandviolence; scroll if you've seen it before...

So, she said, begging like the shameless trollop that she is, does anyone out there have or feel inspired to write an essay on Spike-and-slash for S/X & Violence? Or Spike-and-love/relationships, even, so long as it doesn't rule out slash, or (given the nature of the site) actively oppose the S/X pairing.

The BtVS Writers' Guild folks have revised the requirements for guild sites, so that now instead of a rather loose "essays about the characters and pairing" guideline, there's a very specific "Must have at least one essay about each character and at least one about the pairing" requirement. We have several essays on the pairing and something like 1.5 Xandercentric essays (though more would be very welcome) but the Spikecentric content is dodgy to say the least. Consisting as it does of mini-features on Spike's cars and nicknames for Xander, and a good part of Mer's essay on beating one-off plot points to death.

Anyone? Beuller? No length requirement per se, and no restrictions other than not being anti-slash or anti-S/X, and more Spike-centered than focusing on any specific pairing.

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