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PSA - Buffy fanwriter missing

For those of you who don't know her personally and haven't seen this pop up on your own friendslist -- jodyorjen has been missing since March 5th. Not "missing from LJ" missing, but "dropped her daughter off at her parents' house and hasn't been seen since then" missing. No one knows if it's by choice or not -- no one including her family knows anything at this point, but she's an official missing person now.

chrisjournal has more information here and here, and jodyorjen's friends and family have put up a website with pictures and info here.

Though she's from Virginia, Jen could well be anywhere in the US at this point, whether she's gone by choice or by force, so friends and fellow Buffy fans are being encouraged to spread the word no matter where they might live. chrisjournal asks that if anyone knows anything about where jodyorjen is, and might be protecting her privacy because she wants to stay unfound, please contact Chris privately even just to let her know that Jen is safe.

Chris also asks for positive thoughts in whatever form you prefer -- prayer, meditation, spells, or just plain good wishes -- that our fellow fan is safe, and that her family hears some good news soon. They've certainly got mine.

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