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Last Minute Viddery Panic

Ok, so I'm down to crunch-date for putting my vids for ConneXions on CD, as I need to mail them off tomorrow.

For the already-been-released show on Friday night, I'm going with a) the Amanda/Dawn vid that I made for Green's secret santa present, but re-cut with better source and hopefully a single POV, b) Ballad of Rockridge even though it's completely gen, not slashy, so it's going on last with a note to the vidsmistress that it's gen and it's her call whether or not to show it, and c) Kung Pow: Ring of Fire.

It's C that's the issue. Most people there will not have seen the Kung Pow movie; the vid needs to be at least vaguely amusing/slashy/not confusing on its own merits, and I have no idea if it is, or not. Most of the amused responses have come from people who know and love the original source, and maeyan, who is familiar with it, thinks that it wouldn't make sense to people who aren't.

Opinions from people who haven't seen Kung Pow? Beuller? Not asking for a vid critique or beta (though such are always welcome), just, does it make some internal sense; is it remotely amusing or is it too confusing to be funny?

ETA: On she goes, since responses ranged from sortamaybe to yes, and nobody said "OMGWTFLOLBBQ are you nuts?"
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