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Gacked from Everyone

My journal is called Scourge of Something or Other due to my semi-new Fanged Four layout (currently not visible because hawksong.com is throwing a wobbly) and associated matching labels. I have not yet discovered what it is that I am the Scourge of, but when I do, I'll let you know.

My subtitle is Journal of the Mad Poetess because I hate the issues caused by adding an apostrophe to a word that ends in s. Also because I just realized that I had that subtitle option available and thus, dur, I should use it to identfy whose journal it is, since the component style doesn't let me make my own sub-headers and such, like S1 did.

My friends page is called People I Haven't Eaten Yet because as far as I know, I haven't. Yet. Also, see Fanged Four theme.

My username is mpoetess because back in the mists of time when I created this journal (OMGnonironically!11!! 3 years ago yesterday!) I wasn't sure if I wanted it for fannish things or personal things or both, and how easy I wanted it to be for people I hadn't given the direct link, to find it. So it was a variation on Mad Poetess that is easy enough to remember once you know it, but unlikely for people to come up with when they're going "Hey, I wonder if she has a livejournal?" and typing random variants in. I've since figured out filters and locks and bears, oh my, and this lj is linked from my website, so there you go. I could change it now that the renaming option is available, but since someone else picked up madpoetess in the meanwhile, I don't see a lot of point.
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