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Money for Nothing....

(Does this mean I also get chicks for free?)

My oral surgeon (the one who removed my wisdom teeth in December) has sent me a refund for 25$.

I'm almost positive the only thing I paid them was a 5$ copayment.

Even if it was 25$, I have absolutely no idea why they would be refunding it, unless it's to make up for the assorted angst surrounding my dental insurance company (DMO, rather) sending me repeated notices that several items were either claimed incorrectly or more than my max allowance for the year, and I might end up oweing the oral surgeon nigh unto a hundred bucks. "But this is not a bill!" they declaimed loudly -- I should wait for a bill from the oral surgeon. Which never came, because the oral surgeon's office (as far as I can tell) patiently rewrote and resubmitted the claims until my DMO paid them as they were supposed to.

So they sent me 25$ for what, again? The agita?

Ah well. *Deposits in ConneXions account* Dear Dr. Toothripper: thank you for not hurting my jaw at all, and also for paying for my trip to the gay porn convention.
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