I Blame the Dutch (mpoetess) wrote,
I Blame the Dutch

Phone Post: On the road back

246K 1:00
“Well, for anyone under the impression that I'm still at a rest stop in Columbus Ohio, it was a really interesting rest stop. The cocoa was so good, and I did have two bottles of Elf Vodka that I had to get through before I could get back on the road. I missed seeing Wolfling and TBQ and Justhuman and Wesleysgirl and Cyndi and many other people, but you know. I liked the rest stop; the bathrooms were clean. It was an enjoyable weekend.

Or in the alternate universe where I did get on to Baltimore, but just didn't make anymore phone posts, I probably dropped Wolfling off to head back to Canada about 25 minutes ago and have managed to make it out of Baltimore proper and onto [???] west where I am driving home towards Indianapolis. And will have probably very few exciting things to say when I get back about the convention, but I promise not to just link to TBQ's post like last year.


Transcribed by: mogigraphia
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