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Why We Don't Post These Conversations On LJ

[TBQ] you know what people don't write enough of? Angel and Wes in an arranged marriage.
* TBQ nods sagely
[TBQ] I'd like people to fix that.
[WesleysGirl] *blink*
[WesleysGirl] again I say, weirdo.
* justhuman scratches head
[justhuman] and it would be Wesley's Dad, Mr. Watcher's Council that would provide the dowry?
[TBQ] well, you know, AU, obviously
[TBQ] could be Jasmine-verse, for example. Angel as Jasmine's lieutenant is given Wes as a prize or something.
[WesleysGirl] uh huh
[WesleysGirl] YOU should write that. you go ahead.
[WesleysGirl] :)
[poetess] I'm all for the demonverse AU where they have to interact with a culture -- or are stranded in a culture -- where everybody has to be paired off.
[TBQ] ooo!
[TBQ] see? also good.
[poetess] (despite the fact that this was a Superman comics plot in... oh... 1979? Superman married Lana Lang and Lois was pissed because she was stuck marrying Clark. Little did she know...)
[WesleysGirl] er... but...
[TBQ] that's big-a-him
[TBQ] get it?
[TBQ] get it?
* TBQ nudges you
* WesleysGirl remembers why comics are scary
[poetess] they were on a plane; it crashed in the Amazon
* poetess ignores tbq
[poetess] they fell afoul of isolated tribe, etc etc
* TBQ nudges P again
[TBQ] Get it??
[poetess] :-P
[WesleysGirl] so no one ever noticed that all four people weren't in the same place at the same time EVER?
* TBQ waggles finger near P
[TBQ] I'm not touching you....
[TBQ] 8)
* poetess bites it
[TBQ] ow!
[Wolfling] don't worry. she's had her shots.
[Wolfling] I think.
[poetess] well, presumably for the same reason that no one ever noticed that CLARK IS SUPERMAN WITH GLASSES
* TBQ goes to get ice and pouts in a corner
[justhuman] oh please, you liked it
* poetess gives you OJ and elf vodka to go with your ice
[TBQ] also the same reason that nobody ever noticed that Clark's kind of a tool.
[WesleysGirl] ROFL
[WesleysGirl] why do we not post these conversations on LJ
[WesleysGirl] ?
[TBQ] go for it WG =)
[WesleysGirl] Is it because then people would know that we are not truly an Evil Cabal, but just a bunch of schmoes?
[poetess] no one wants to be the one to format the fuckers?
[poetess] she said, knowing that she will, in fact, be the one to do so
[TBQ] I think I cemented the schmoe thing when I forgot I could close my windows when my house was too cold
[WesleysGirl] yeah
*poetess does so.
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