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I Blame the Dutch mpoetess
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[Insert meaningless subject line here]
Gacked from katemonkey -- Charisma Carpenter's Playboy shoot. Obviously not worksafe.

a) ngghgggghhmmmhhh?
b) *cries* She looks like Cordy! Real CordyTM :(

(Yes, these are post-Baby.)


2004-04-27 02:36 pm (UTC) (Link)

They've been posted multiple places, so I can't imagine the site-owners caring, though you might want to credit the site when you post them. Nudity is allowed in LJ icons; I can only imagine people complaining if nipplage were posted without a cut-tag.


2004-04-27 02:39 pm (UTC) (Link)

It was the site owners I was thinking of - it didn't even occur to me that LJ management might object. I mean, it's Charisma. *grin*