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Also, Vielen Dank to mabiana, who sent me a House Mouse Eek-Mail card. HouseMouse! Possibly the most illegally cute series of greeting cards ever; I've loved them since sarabi introduced us to them in college.

And wondersheep, who wrote a hilarious DP-verse story that I can't link to yet because she hasn't posted it in her LJ, but I will because she WILL. *looks sternly at Sheepy*

And sarabi and Milamber, who sent singing kitties!

So finally I've caught up with LJ, and get to breathe!

And do that 20 favorite song lines from randomized playlist meme, because like I could resist that? (There may be repeating artists. I'm just sayin'. But I did draw the line at songs off the same album.)

1. He's mad as he can be, but Margaret only sees that sometimes; sometimes she sees her unborn children in his eyes.

2. It's not the streetlights on some old street of dreams...

3. To make the words and the phrases that tell my heart's desire, like mother, friend, and fire...

4. I wasn't odd or strange, just quietly rearranged; sometimes the biggest change stays out of sight.

5. All I could see was him runnin' down the street, out of the shadows and into the night...

6. Off the Florida keys...

7. I'm the last gas for an hour if you're goin' 25...

8. If love is not my greatest defense, tell me nothin's ever meant to make no sense.

9. Sometimes driving home at night, I let your memory take control...

10. It's a miracle of nature, just to be alive tonight..

11. Sleep, sleep, sleep, says the hundredth sheep.

12. Must've been some kinda kiss...

13. A picture worth a thousand lies...

14. I would not stay where the city streets proclaimed so loudly Man's endeavors.

15. Except for the boy in the belfry - he's crazy.

16. She said she'd married her an architect, who kept her warm and safe and dry.

17. The sun in your eyes made some of the lies worth believing.

18. The table, the guitar, the empty glass...

19. His name was Rico -- he wore a diamond.

20. If I had to survive without you in my life, I know I wouldn't last a day.
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