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Wolfling: this is how I know I am a A/W otp person
Wolfling: I go on and on about wes/angel in this ep and almost forget to mention the thing about the thing
Wolfling: and one of the big s/a fanatics on my list doesn't even mention Wes in her ep post.

poetess: and I, the S/X shipper who is fairly painfully invested in S/A as past canon, is about to make a post saying "Yes, that was a meta shoutout, but I think he was literally talking about emotional intimacy."


Aka, Yes, Amy is still shallow. Plz see TBQ, Wolfling, and others for intelligent commentary on our ded gay show.

It may just be the way-too-expensive-because-Jen's-ex-boss-gave-it-to-us wine, but I don't think it's an actual confirmation of A/S canon sex hijinks. I think, while they were giving us an obvious slash wink, on the literal level Spike was doing the oppposite of their earlier conversation about intercourse (having learned from that encounter, which I realize is the biggest stretch in this particular mental yoga session) and assuming Illyria was talking about touchy-feely type intimacy.

The look on his face with 'except for that once...' was more the "It's hard for me to admit I was touched by this, but..." look (aka the William-the-Bloody-Awful-Poet-rises-like-an-uncomfortable-gas-bubble look), than anything to do with sex. Spike only sees having sex as intimacy when it serves his romantic notions -- Buffy, Drusilla. He and Harm got it on all the time but he doesn't think of himself as having a relationship with her, for instance. Angel(us) actually taking him seriously and trusting him with something emotional (a grain-beverage-induced encounter, one would assume), OTOH, would produce that look, just as much as Buffy doing the same.

Which is a fanwanky dance on the head of a pin, but it makes me a vast bit happier than the "We give you the guys acting slashy but then hand them lines that make the Fanged Four history canonically more vanilla..." of The Girl in Question.

If I take "Except for that one..." as a reference to physical intimacy, then yeah, yay, it's canon. Except I get at best a 'confirmation' that, again, the vamps were a hell of a lot more middle class missionary position than makes any sense for what they were and are, if they only got it on once in twenty years... (And at worst I get something that the valiantly anti-slash can still claim we're on crack for taking literally...)

On the other hand, if I squee at the meta-shoutout but accept that he wasn't actually talking about sex, then it leaves the unwritten -- but not contradicted -- canon open for two decades of mad S/A shagging. And one moment of happy fic-able potential when something happened that Spike would actually remember as Angel(us) being intimate with him.

I bed now.
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