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Angel 5.22 spoilers, duh.

Geek cred for cut-tag understanding... ;-)


  • That was good stuff.

  • Thank God for spoiler-whoredom.

  • "No more Buffyverse" hasn't hit me yet. Hell, it won't hit me, because I am the pollyest of pollyannas when it comes to the hope of further interaction with the characters in some way, be it movie, spinoff, locking Joss in a closet and making him tell me slashy bedtime stories on pain of taking away his bucket

  • Wes' death hasn't hit me as hard as it could because

    a) I know there *was* going to be a Season 6, so he wouldn't have died permanently at the end of this season, if not for the WB, because there was no way they were dumping Alexis. It puts his death into a hazy limbo state for me, where denial of its permanence doesn't even feel like denial.

    b) Illyria's reaction hit me harder (as several deaths in the Buffyverse have done, like Angel and Cordy's reactions to Doyle, Willow's reaction to Tara, everyone's to Joyce)

    c) The minor annoyance of Wes' last thoughts being of Fred undercut my personal reactions to losing him a little bit, though I did appreciate his half of the scene on an artistic level. Meaning it was well staged and well acted and Wes = the pretty, and I love him.

  • I thought I wasn't going to buy Lindsey's death; seemed too random in summary. In practice? Oh god, pretty/ha/ouch/ohyeah/soright. I'm not happy with Lindsey's thing about coming back to get power, etc., given the way he left, but they sold me on how much it was All. About. Angel. to the point where the rest is window-dressing that I can write off as Lindsey's sad little world-o-denial.

  • Connor! Anne!

  • Angel/Lindsey? "I'd be more comfortable..." Angel's fight with Hamilton? "Say kill Spike and we may have to kiss?" Gayest. Episode. Ever. Hamilton was only sleeping with Harmony for the info. Seriously. Dude.

  • I was sad that Harmony couldn't have been the one vamp to show that it's possible for them to not only change, but change enough (soulless Spike changed, but not enough to be accepted/trustworthy without the soul), but at the same time satisfied that yes, betrayal is in character for her. She's not actually evil. She sucks at evil, truly -- she's just cheerfully amoral. It has a certain attraction.

  • They do *not* die after the credits roll. I mean, no, seriously, Pollyanna aside, virtual seasons aside, this was not Thelma and Louise. It was left open-ended on *purpose*.

  • I love Spike.

  • The previous may have come as a shock to some of you, I know...

  • Effulgent! Can I deny you three times?

  • Seabreeze count: 3

  • Poor bubeleh Lorne.

  • For that "Thank you for five years of good times" spot afterwards? Fuck you, WB. Sideways. With vinegar-flavoured-lube. Fuck you and your toaster and everyone who *looks* like your toaster. I love syphillis more than you.

  • There is going to be a Season 6, goddammit. (More than one, I'm sure, but this one has definitely taken on new concreteness to me as it does start to hit home - that the only Jossverse premieres next fall will be the ones we make ourselves.)

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