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Meh, she said. Am tired. And stoopid. And my dvd drive is being a bastidge. Bed now.


Ed., 12:23 a.m.: See, it's entries like this that won LJ their Webby. Nodnod.

Ed. 2, 3:47 a.m.: I'm not sure which is more disturbing - the part of the dream where someone mailed us our (IRL long-dead, in the dream not that long) perfectly preserved cat in a box, and then I had to find a place to put her until maeyan got home, so I wrapped her in the quilt which was my baby quilt (IRL, it lives as a cushion in the bottom of the cat bed) and then maeyan got home and decided to leave her in it when we...did whatever it was we were going to do. Bury her, I think. Or the part of the dream where maeyan's mother apologized solemnly and seriously for... something, to do with the cat's body -- moving it on the shelf, possibly -- and she was dressed in a full anime costume that rather resembled Sumomo from Chobits. Only in blue.

Also featured were an unidentified but pretty redhead with MPD who appeared to be sharing a swimming pool with me (I asked her sarcastically, because I could actually see that she'd changed personalities while my back was turned and was trying to play it off as if nothing had happened, "So does it actually make an audible click when you switch alters?"), and a business trip with the Master as played by the late Anthony Ainley.

Oh, wait, I know, the most disturbing part was waking to the sounds of paper crunching and shuffling in my room with the door shut and fumbling for the bedside lamp which would not turn on at first because the bulb had come unscrewed.

I'm not sure if I should thank Aberdeen for waking me up from that one, apologize for accidentally locking her in my room, or be annoyed that the sounds she was making probably caused the dream in the first place. I suppose I'll go with all of the above.
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