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We who are about to nap, salute you...

Headache From Hell, which had been hovering all afternoon, returned last night, after some impromptu hairstyling (of maeyan's hair), half a game of Scrabble, a rerun of the Queer Eye pilot, and far too much Adult Swim. (Seriously, what are the makers of Aqua Teen Hunger Force on?) Or actually, it returned during all those things, so I eventually gave up and crawled into bed at about 11:30, after (as seems usual this week) several Aleve did no good.

Woke up at two, still in pain. Got ice cube for forehead/back-of-neck, went back to bed.

Woke up at six, still in pain. Ice cube had melted on bed. Was unsurprised.

Woke up at seven, still in pain, though admittedly somewhat lessened. Debated calling in sick, as if it was anything like Monday and Tuesday, it would get worse over the day, not better, and I want to vid and actually be online tonight, as opposed to passively clicking at a few things, complaining to people that I hurt, then crawling away to my cave.

Fumbled downstairs at seven-twentyish, still undecided, as staying home would allow me the Blissful Healing Power Of Sleep TM, but at work, I could buy Excedrin, which is what everyone's been recommending, from the snack shop. At home, I could buy nothing because maeyan would have the car.

Unless I called in, then drove her into work, after which I could buy any sort of drugs I needed, at my leisure. I usually hate doing this, as it means I'll have to put a hold on whatever I'm doing in the afternoon to drive in and pick her up, but hell, it's Wednesday and there's no Angel everagainatleastinthisformyousoddingWBbastards and God, I'm tired...

So up we saddled, and away we went, and then I stopped on the way home at CVS and got Excedrin and a cold-pack that is even now vegetating in the freezer, then a venti (because god forbid we call it an extra-large) mocha from Starbucks, and some breakfast at McDonald's because there's no way I'm taking two Excedrin and an extra-large mocha on an empty stomach. [Sidenote: so, Excedrin is aspirin, tylenol, and caffeine. Which means I could also take, er, aspirin, tylenol, and caffeine. Or tylenol and anacin, which is aspirin and caffeine. Or...]

And then I came home and sat on my porch swing for an hour while it rained and I sang lots of songs not quite at the top of my lungs, because it was rainy and cool and my neighboorhood needs -- much more than it needs the people two houses down screaming at each other at the top of their lungs -- a mega-dose of Mary Chapin Carpenter. And Dave Loggins. And Mary Black. And Maura O'Connell. And George Jones. And Garth Brooks. And the Indigo Girls. And Tanya Tucker. Er, I mentioned it was about an hour, right? And our black and white porch-stray came to sit with me on the swing (by which I mean I picked him up and put him on the swing and he was kind and did not get down but instead headbutted my hand a bunch of times then eventually settled down on the swing and didn't complain about my singing at all, at all) for a while. And it rained. I think I mentioned that.

And now Headache From Hell seems to be in remission, but I am happily exhausted, so I'm reading LJ and then it's naptime.

Also, my cats are adorable. This may come as news to... some people who have been living in caves somewhere.

And I remember all the words to The Night the Lights Went Out In Georgia, but not Two Sparrows In a Hurricane.

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