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  • Am proud owner of BtVS Season 6 DVDs, bringing my Jossverse collection to completeness except for A:ts Season 5, which of course isn't out anywhere yet. (Angel Seasons 3 and 4 and Buffy Season 7 came to me in region-free format from Hong Kong and China, respectively, via the magic of EBay. Yes, I know A:ts 3 is out over here; 3 and 4 were being sold as one lot, so I bought them both.)

  • Like wolfling, I have the insane desire to recut every piece of vid footage I've ever done, nownownownownow, forget what I'm actually working on because the old ones must have DVD quality NOW. Like wolfling, I have so far resisted said urge.

  • Speaking of wolfling, her site is now updated with all thus-far-released chapters of Of Old Mystics: Curtain's Fall, and her Ethan Ficathon Fic.

  • Speaking of zortified -- I was! Keep up with the conversation here! -- her fic website's been moved by the lovely perian to a new and more bandwidth-friendly address: http://gila.fakingsanity.net. My links are updated; are yours?

  • Am proud owner of new 160 gb external hard drive, magic of EBay ($119 including shipping!), yaddayadda, winging its way, soforth, will be here soon so I can CRAM IT FULL OF VIDS! move my Premiere and source files off my PC, and rip better source in general, now that I'll have room to store it. In other words, cram it full of vids.

  • Shut up.

  • Off to visit my mother (I have no cute fandom-but-not name for her; "MadMom" doesn't quite come over well when one's mum actually is schizophrenic, and MomP looks like a muppet sound effect.) tomorrow - er, today - thus I'll be offline for most of the day; probably showing up late in the evening, unless we end up hitting the drive-in.

  • *checks listings*
    1. Nope because maeyan won't watch it. 2. Nope because I won't watch it, due to [plot thing I'm spoiled about] 3. Hell, no. 4. Fuck no. 5. Awww, yeeaahhhh... 6. Not under pain of torture. 7. I'd watch; maeyan might be convinced to. 8. Uh, no. Buttshots aside, I am not going to watch a major cockup of the Iliad with someone who majored in classical archaeology. It's a small rental car; the shouting would hurt my ears.

  • Canada Dry is the Best Ginger Ale Ever. I've had an open can in the fridge for three days now and it still hadn't lost its fizz.

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