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Because I desperately needed more S/X icons. Obviously.


A man could go quite mad
And not be all that bad
Consider each superb disturbing urge you've ever had
To curse aloud in church or
Choke each bloke who throws a smile your way--
Be that as it may.
A man can have bad dreams
And not be all he seems
Yet not be far removed from all the noblest of extremes.
Sometimes I think that sanity is just a passing fad--
A man could go quite mad!

A sculptor lacking arms
A sorceror lacking charms
A fiend who frightens nothing for there's no one that he harms
Whose clutches clutch at only desperate respite from this dim tableaux.
Knowing this is so,
I hide myself in thought
Where one cannot be caught
And feed on dreams that contradict each edict I've been taught,
And if one day I lose my way
And mind -- you'll find me glad.
A man could go quite mad!

(John Jasper Esq., The Mystery of Edwin Drood. Earworming my skull in the voice of Dan Winkler, high school actor extraordinaire, who couldn't carry a tune in a bucket, but boy was he cute in a frock coat. With occasional vocal and visual overdubs of Spike a la Beneath You for more disturbing fun.)
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