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Fic! (New to... some?).

Domestic Piranhas1 #13, Three Little Fishies, aka domesticpiranha, by zortified and self, is complete.

Some folks have had it friended for...er...the year2 that we've been writing it, and thus this isn't news to them, though the fact that the concluding entries were posted over yesterday and today, and the lj has been redesigned into a more traditional story-order, might be, since the entries have all been re-dated and thus may or may not have shown up on friendslists.

Also there are fishy mood icons! I made stole adapted them from messageboard smilies! I am 5!

1If it's the first DP story you've ever read...er. God help you. Domestic Piranhas are Spike/Xander, Angel/Wes/Gunn, and a host of crazy minor pairings, set several years into a future that went schmoopily AU sometime in BtVS Season 5/Ats Season 2. Or at least, that's where known history diverges, as for instance, Joyce is not dead, Xander's parents are not Tony and Jessica, Spike didn't vamp his mum. (Not for fix-it reasons; we've just been writing it since early season 5, and got, no surprise to anyone, frequently Jossed.) It's reasonable to posit that the DPverse has always been a Kinder, Gentler, Gayer dimension than the canon Buffyverse, though.
2That would be a testament to my sloth, not to the length of the story.
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