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Events of Randomosity

1. Lycos mail is once again being its periodic bastidge self. [ETA - 6/17 - lycos mail is up again.] In today's round of fun, my paid account, which afaik was not due for renewal, has been labeled inactive. Which means I'm 314% over capacity, since free accounts get 5mb and basic paid get 25mb. Giving them the benefit of the doubt on the chance that I might have missed a notification, I re-subscribed to the premium service, with a new credit card. Got a confirmation screen and everything, saying I'd succeeded in changing my account. ... Except no. Because premium service is still isted as inactive, I'm still listed as 314% over, and I can't send any mail or reply to existing mails because that would put a copy in sentmail, and I'm over storage capacity. Which means new messages to my lycos account are probably bouncing, also.

2. So, mpoetess at livejournal.com will work. As will mpoetess at hawksong.com. They'll both end up in the hawksong account.

3. I managed to come down with a sinus infection two days before my MD checkup, which is either annoying or timely, and 3 days before the monthly board meeting at which 4 out of 5 items on the agenda are mine, which means I cannot stay home sick even if I am. Which is definitely annoying. Also it's being held at one of our sattelite offices this month, so I have to drive there. And park near people. Which means I must give the illusion that the back seat of our car is not a mobile wastebasket/recyclingbox. *looks for blanket*

4. My new hard drive is still cool. *rips more Buffy footage* That was a good (and economical) purchase.

5. maeyan bought one of those pet drinky fountains for the cats. The kind that you pour a fixed amount of water into, and it keeps it moving, not the kind that's actually hooked up to your faucet/hose. It's nifty. Nonami, who has been pushing the water bowl all around the dining room and spilling most of it, thus the instigator of the new purchase, doesn't quite know what to make of it. He's hovering over it, like "I'm not sure I like this thing... but it's MINE! Back off bitches - I will Cut U!"

6. I'm tempted to play in onetwomany's "Post pics of your hometown" meme, but I mostly only go to work/home, with the occasional sidetrip to the supermarket. Home is a) a mess, b)in a truly ratty neighborhood, so the local sights would be "Look, the homeless recycling guy" and "Look, the Leggs Dungeon Lounge, Open All Night!" Work is downtown, in the center of the city, and would qualify as touristy, I think. If I were heading up to my hometown to see my family soon, that would be worth posting pics of, I think, but that's not on the immediate agenda.
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