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Viddish: Noting the number of recent questions about DVD-ripping and getting that source into Premiere, I have to say - am I just lucky, or doing something horrible to my vids that I don't know about? I rip with #1 DVD Ripper, straight to DivX 5. Open in VDub to clip. Compress the clips to DivX 4 low motion (4 has consistently given me smaller files in VDub than 5, for some reason) and open those in Premiere. And it's fine. I mean Premiere crashes frequently just because it's Premiere, but it doesn't choke on the files. Not like it *used* to do on uncompressed mpegs. Perhaps my copy of Premiere thinks it's Opposite Day?

Iconic: I know the tiny text on the latest icon trend is decorative, and isn't meant to be read. I'm not dense. That is in fact why the icons aren't to my taste, despite the fact that yes, they are artistically pretty. The human brain, once taught to read, is geared to try to read, especially if you're a words-oriented person first, and a picture-person second. If a designer uses something as a decoration that looks like words (because it is words, just so small that only the designer knows what they are), I'm going to squint to try to read them. Instinctively. If every third person on my friendslist has a tiny-text icon, I'm going to squint so much that I get a headache. Also, the trend of having a few words readable and the rest of a presumably familiar (to the writer) phrase as decoration, tends to make me feel culturally deficient, as I never know the song lyrics that are being referenced. They might mean something to me anyway if I could read the whole line, but in general I'm left with a picture of Buffy and Angel that says "LOVE...mummblemumble" or Giles that says "The Oceans..muttermutter etc." and though it's a pretty picture, it's emotionally unfulfilling. So, count me not among the "what's up with that?" people, because I know what's up with that. It just doesn't appeal to me, and I hope the popularity of the technique fades eventually, because it's a frustrating visual experience.

ETA - ha. I wrote this without knowing that people were wanking over someone having said the exact same thing. I stand by it. I am not saying people shouldn't design icons to their own taste, and I'm not saying people shouldn't use icons that reflect their own taste. I'm not even saying that many of these icons aren't pretty, because they are. I'm just mentioning why the style doesn't appeal to me.

Hairy: I am now a randomly-streaked pseudo blonde. For about 24 hours, until I re-red my hair. The concept being that pre-streaking it with blonde will end up as more than one shade of red in the final results. Looks very funky and bad now, though, mixed with my 2-inch long muddy-brown roots, and my rather faded copper that's looking a bit wood-colored these days.

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