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Song Lyrics Game

Stealing the idea from 3jane, because starting my own post skillfully and subtly covers up the fact that I suck at guessing other people's. Identify songs and recording artists. No Googling a song until after you've guessed. Person with the most correct answers wins... my admiration. And a pony Shit - sorry. Ponies out of stock. But. Admiration! Shiny!

Edit:: All guessed!

1. I'm a doctor, I'm a lawyer, I'm a movie star.
I'm an astronaut, and I own this bar.
--I'd Lie to You For Your Love; The Bellamy Brothers. valarltd

2. Oh, I will give you silver, and I will give you gold,
And the hand of my daughter, if you will be so bold
As to swim alongside of the Turkish enemy,
And sink her in the lowland, lowland, low,
Sink her in the lowland sea.
--The Golden Vanity; (trad. ballad - my favorite recording is by the Chad Mitchell Trio). kerrypolka

3. Ue o muite arukoo
Namida ga kobore nai yoo ni
Omoidasu haru no hi
Hitoribotchi no yoru

*No, it's not that obscure. Nyah.
--Sukiyaki; Kyu Sakamoto. ladysorka

4. Don't be so scared of changing and rearranging yourself.
It's time for jumping down from the shelf
A little bit.
--Georgie Girl; The Seekers. lasayla, who only gets 1/2 points for not listing the artist, but also gets 1,000,000 points for her inspired parody, so there's that, then.

5. Was it really voodoo
Or just weakness in the man?
The only time he ever fell
Was when she took his hand.
-- Dancy's Dreams; Restless Heart. ailise(title)/kdorian(artist)

6. She wonders how it ever got this crazy;
She thinks about a boy she knew in school.
Did she get tired or did she just get lazy?
She's so far gone, she feels just like a fool.
--Lyin' Eyes; The Eagles. jillapet

7. One town's very like another
When your head's down over your pieces, brother.
--One Night In Bangkok; Murray Head. (That'd be Tony's brother.) hernewshoes

8. You can sell your paintings on the sidewalk
By a cafe where I hope to be working soon.
--Please Come to Boston; Dave Loggins. spike21 - 1/2 points because though this song has been covered by a googleplex of groups, Peter, Paul & Mary wasn't one of them, as far as I can tell.

9. I said the years had been a friend to her
And that her eyes were still as blue.
--Same Old Lang Syne; Dan Fogelberg. pipsqueaky

10. You mixed with the darkness
At such a young age
Until in your chemistry,
Science and violence turned silence to rage.
--Caramia; the Indigo Girls. prettybird

11. How long since I spent a whole night in a twin bed with a stranger,
His warm arms all around me?
--Love Song to a Stranger; Joan Baez. lovessong/spike21

12. Mother told me, yes, she told me
I’d meet girls like you.
She also told me, stay away,
You’ll never know what you’ll catch.
--Surrender; Cheap Trick. jillapet

13. So I sent him to ask of the owl if he's there
How to loosen a jar from the nose of a bear.
--House at Pooh Corner/Return to Pooh Corner; Kenny Loggins (and Jim Messina). [House and Return are identical, except for an additional verse at the end of Return. House was by both guys; Return was Kenny solo.] pipsqueaky

14. Maybe I'll clear my junk,
Maybe I'll just get drunk on apple wine.
Me, I'll be just fine, and dandy...
--Hard Candy Christmas; Dolly Parton (and the cast of Best Little Whorehouse in Texas). mireille719

15. Red turns into green turnin' into yellow,
And I'm still standin' here on the same old spot...
--It's Not; Aimee Mann. backfromspace

16. Let me see if I can set the scene:
It's a one-dog town, and he's old and mean.
There's one stoplight, and it's always green --
[Insert title here]
--Nobody Gets Off In This Town; Garth Brooks. kdorian/ailise

17. How long was I asleep?
When did we plan to meet?
Have you been waiting long for me?
--The Wheel; Roseanne Cash. redbrickrose

18. Went off to school
And learned to serve the state.
Followed the rules
And drank his vodka straight.
The only way to live, was drown the hate.
--Leningrad; Billy Joel. prettybird

19. Up every morning just to keep a job,
Gotta find my way through the hustlin' mob.
Sounds of the city poundin' in my brain
While another day goes down the drain.
-- Five O'Clock World; The Vogues. (My version is Hal Ketchum's; given the ocean of country lyrics on this page, are you surprised?) kerrypolka

20. The most perfect of strangers,
And then the night closed in
And the holy ground
Took care of everything.
--The Loving Time; Mary Black. northofnormal

21. It's a dream you never get used to
So fierce and so confused.
It's a loss you never get over
The first time you lose.
--Come On, Come On; Mary Chapin Carpenter. 3jane

22. Get in line in that processional.
Step into that small confessional.
There the guy who's got religion'll
Tell you if your sin's original...
--The Vatican Rag; Tom Lehrer. mireille719

23. I'm only lonely
When I'm drivin' in my car.
I'm only lonely
After dark.
--Occasionally; Melissa Etheridge. mireille719

24. It's a thousand miles or more
From here to your front door -
I'd be there tomorrow if I left today.
And I'd just pack up my guitar -
You know it's really not that far.
When you called, you said I'd have a place to stay.
--Lone Star State of Mind; Nanci Griffith. ailise

25. He deals the cards to find the answers -
The sacred geometry of chance.
--Shape of My Heart; Sting. mireille719

26. They say the wintertime up north can last forever
And I've been told it's beautiful to see this time of year.
They say the snow can blind you til the world you left behind
Just disappears. I hear.
--Whoever's In New England; Reba McEntire. ragingpixie

27. She came to me, said she knew me,
Said she'd known me a long time.
And she talked of being in love
With every mountain she had climbed.
And she talked of trails she'd walked up
Far above the timberline.
--Carolina in the Pines; Michael Martin Murphy. ailise (She got everything except his first name; it counts. Because I said so.)

28. I went down to that sacred store
Where I'd heard the music years before
But the man there said the music wouldn't play.
--American Pie; Don McLean. hernewshoes

29. I could sing you a tune and promise you the moon
But if that's what it takes to hold you,
I'd just as soon let you go.
--I Never Promised You A Rose Garden; Some Drippy Bint Lynn Anderson. trepkos. 1/2 points. *g*

30. Up by the bus stop and across the street.
Open up their windows to take a peek,
While she goes walkin’,
Rockin’ like a rolling stone
--Baby's Got her Blue Jeans On; Mel McDaniel. ailise (1/2 points. Not that we're doing anything with the points. If we were, lasayla would be winning. 'Cos of the Georgie Girl thing.)

31. And she turns to me with her hand extended
Palm is split with a flower, with a flame.
--Solitude Standing; Suzanne Vega. hernewshoes

32. She said "He rebuilds engines and his name is Earl.
He's the Charlie Daniels of the torque wrench."
--Queen of My Double-Wide Trailer; Sammy Kershaw. sangpassionne

33. We're [insert title here]
And the big fool says to push on.
--Waist Deep In the Big Muddy; Pete Seeger. spike21

34. Days go by I'm hypnotized.
I'm walking on a wire.
I close my eyes and fly out of my mind
Into the fire...
--Sunny Came Home; Shawn Colvin. pipsqueaky

35. Well, she seemed all right by dawn's early light,
Though she looked a little wearied and weak.
--Independence Day; Martina McBride. pipsqueaky

36. Ten years ago on a cold dark night,
There was someone killed 'neath the town hall light.
Just a few at the scene, but they all did agree
That the man who ran looked a lot like me.
--Long Black Veil (The Chieftains, though I'd have accepted anything or nothing for the performer, since it's been covered by everyone and the kitchen sink's brother.) hernewshoes

37. In a bar in Toledo
Across from the depot
On a barstool, she took off her ring.
--Lucille; Kenny Rogers. wesleysgirl

38. There's always radio,
And for a dime,
I can talk to God,
Dial a prayer.
Are you there,
Do you care?
--In the Winter; Janis Ian, covered by Sheena Easton. ailise/discord26

39. Here's a watch that my grandpa gave me.
Here's the keys to my car --
Mister, give it a whirl.
--Don't Take the Girl; Tim McGraw. pipsqueaky

40. And Harve thought he had a weedeater loose in his Fruit of the Looms.
--Mississippi Squirrel Revival; Ray Stevens. nepenthene

41. I can see why you think you belong to me
I never tried to make you think, or let you see one thing for yourself
But now you're off with someone else and I'm alone
You see, I thought that I might keep you for my own...
--Amie; Pure Praire League. (also apparently covered by Counting Crows wtf??) ragingpixie

42. Saw your picture on a poster
In a cafe out in Phoenix.
Guess you're still the sweetheart of the rodeo.
--All That Glitters (is not gold); Dan Seals. ragingpixie

43. My father sits at night with no lights on.
His cigarette glows in the dark.
The living room is still. I walk by.
No remark.
--That's the Way I've Always Heard It Should Be; Carly Simon. gairid

44. I swear I left her by the river.
I swear, I left her safe and sound.
--Hazard; Richard Marx. pipsqueaky

45. I don't understand a word
Even when it's English
Everyone around me says
"This is divine!"
I don't like the opera,
But look I'm at the opera...
--It's a Good Thing He Can't Read My Mind; Christine Lavin. mireille719

46. The preacher man says it's the end of time
And the Mississippi River, she's a goin' dry.
The interest is up and the stock market's down
And you only get mugged if you go downtown.
--A Country Boy Can Survive; Hank Williams Jr.. wickedprincess3

47. Like a clock whose hands are sweeping
Past the minutes of its face,
And the world is like an apple
Whirling silently in space.
--The Windmills of Your Mind (theme from the Thomas Crowne Affair); Noel Harrison. vampirefever

48. You took your coat off and stood in the rain -
You were always crazy like that.
I watched from my window;
Always felt I was outside looking in on you.
--Foolish Games; Jewel. jillapet

49. Tonight I'm gonna meet her at the Hungry House Cafe
--Elvira; The Oak Ridge Boys. hernewshoes

50. I can tell the difference between margerine and butter.
I can say Saskatchewan without starting to stutter.
--Cap in Hand; The Proclaimers. ladysorka
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